Scratch Tutorial


The following examples are part of a tutorial article that appears in the May 2012 edition of The Old Schoolhouse magazine. You're welcome to enjoy them even if you don't follow the magazine.

All these examples are built using Scratch, a free game development environment from MIT. Scratch works on all major computers, and is a great way to get started with computing.

Please note that the examples use a technology called Java. This is a powerful tool used in web programming. Your browser may ask if you want to install or update Java, and it may ask for permission to use Java for these sites. The form of Java used in these examples is completely safe, so please install Java if necessary using the automated steps, and allow Java to run on these pages. Sadly, the iPhone and iPad do not support Java technology, so you will need a traditional browser (or perhaps an Android device) to run these examples.


Downloadable versions

Java is difficult to run on modern browsers, so here are some sb files you can download. They run on scratch 1.*